How to Decorate your Student House on a Budget

Decorating a house on a budget can be tricky for many, but it can be an excellent opportunity to get creative. In this post, we take a look at the small, inexpensive ways you can decorate your student house on a limited budget.


When people enter a room, one of the first things they notice is the lighting – even if they don’t realise it. Bright and harsh or muted and cosy, it all depends on the lights. It’s cheap and easy to buy a warmer LED light bulb or a nice lampshade. If it is still doesn’t change the ambience, an affordable option is to add fairy lights, which can transform the atmosphere of a room. Consider some additional lamps or battery powered candles to really make the space cosy.


Curtains can easily lend a touch of playfulness or luxury depending on the type of fabric and pattern. Adorning your windows with beautiful curtains is another way to add a personal touch. They are affordable, and you can even get great options from vintage stores. If you’re really creative, you can buy your own fabric and make them to fit.


Cold and unwelcoming living spaces can be transformed into the cosiest of places with a rug. It need not be a brand new Persian rug to make it feel luxurious and comfortable. Have a look a local bargain stores, like B&M, for stylish dupes at a fraction of the cost.

Pillows and Cushions


Furnishing your room with a whole new set of furniture is not an option for students. But you can quickly change the way the existing furniture looks by adding cushions and throw pillows – or updating the covers of existing ones. They are not only comfortable, but they lend a taste of cosiness to an otherwise tired piece of a sofa.

Pictures and Posters

Whether it is a picture of your parents, your pet or something that’s very personal to you, instead of putting them up on the nightstand, make a space somewhere on a wall. Make a habit of taking a disposable camera out with you with your housemates and add the photos to the wall. Add posters along with them to create a personal but creative collage to brighten up any wall. Make sure to use non-damaging adhesives so that you don’t peel off any paint.

Storage Boxes

These get overlooked but tidying all of your clutter or miscellaneous items into neat decorative storage boxes can make a big difference. You can go for something neutral and need or bright and patterned.

Indoor plants

Having a couple or two indoor plants in a living space not only adds to the aesthetic but they purify the air around you. If you’re new to plant care, start with a few mini cacti that don’t require so much care!

It doesn’t take much to transform the space and these little touches will go a long way to make your student house your own. Just make sure you’re all agreed on the same aesthetic, otherwise it could get a little messy. For more information on student lettings and renting properties, check out reliable websites like Top365, Citizens advice, etc.

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